The Next Chapter for Norwich 2600

For the past six to nine months Viperfang and I have been making attempts to meet up with Norwich 2600. We tried several times towards the end of 2010 and also the first quarter of 2011, each time without success. So naturally, we felt the group had collapsed.

In the past 24 hours, I was successful in contacting two of the previous members. One of which was the group’s original founder and he confirmed that several regular participants (including himself) had moved away. The old website, mailing list and all other associated resources were thus no longer maintained and there was an entry in the back of the 2600 that hadn’t been updated.

Control was kindly handed over to us so that we could pick up the torch and get things rolling again.

So, welcome to the new Norwich 2600 society homepage! Please bare with us while we get the blog, IRC and other bits going. We plan to start meeting again in April 2011. All details will follow shortly.

StevePDP and Viperfang.


  1. A. says:

    I’ll be there tomorrow.

  2. smokinchimp says:

    Cheers guys. Will be there!