October 2011 meeting summary

This month was success, we had 2 old members rejoin us as well as 3 regulars and the founders.

We started on time at the meeting point, after which we moved onto the Bell pub. Due to a lack of space (a football match of some description) we headed over to The Woolpack Inn where we found the food was good and a decent selection of beers.

We discussed Smash The Stack which directed the discussion towards disassembly and assembly of various platforms. Lock picking and came up, with a couple of members comparing tools.

One person brought their arduino project along with an particularly good O’Reilly book (Arduino Cookbook), this lead to further though about development platforms, such as the raspberry pi that is currently in development.

The banter topics varied a lot, and a good time was had by all. We all left the meeting with the incentive to come again!

There is still an interest to start a hacker space locally, although a new member who is starting a hacker space south of Norwich did not turn up, unfortunate considering the interest that they showed over IRC during their visit, sometime during the past month.

We hope that current members return, and perhaps some new faces in future meets.

Until next time


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  1. Pip says:

    Smash is great! I suggest starting on IO!